Japanese engineers created a mechanical tail to help the elderly and people with disabilities

"Furry" of the whole world, rejoice! In Japan, created a mechanical for people. Moreover, it can be

really helpful.

Why do you need it

In their work, scientists often find inspiration inof nature, to recall at least the velcro, whose prototype was an alpine thistle or x-ray telescopes, inspired by the unique geometry of the lobster's eyes. The topic is fertile and voluminous, so the students from Keio University decided to rethink such a seemingly rudimentary body part in humans, like a tail. The Arque looks and works like a mechanical tail attached to the waist. It consists of moving segments with pneumatic "muscles" that are able to move in eight directions to give the rest of the body greater stability.

The developers believe that the device will be able to help a person during rehabilitation or work with heavy loads, acting as an additional balancer.

"For most vertebrates, the tailplays an important role by providing various functions for increased mobility. We offer an artificial anthropomorphic tail, inspired by biomimicry, for receiving feedback, ”scientists say

The working concept Arque will be shown on July 28 at SIGGRAPH 2019.