Japanese startup to launch space debris cleaner

Japanese startup Astroscale has sent its ELSA-d spacecraft to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. There

engineers integrate it with the Soyuz rocket, launchwhich is scheduled for March 2021. The company noted that this is a critical flight for them, as this is the first demonstration of the company's technologies for combating debris - one of the most important issues in ensuring the sustainability of space activities.

The small device will demonstrate twoKey Technologies: Aiming, which will help locate debris with a GPS-based aiming sensor. This data will be used by a so-called "service" satellite, which can intercept a piece of space debris.

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Astroscale is planning several timesdock with the target and release a service satellite. So they want to show that they can identify and capture uncontrolled objects in space and that they can manipulate them for controlled deorbiting. If the mission is successful, then the company can launch a full-fledged commercial operation.

In October 2020, the company announced the attraction of 51million dollars - now the total amount of funds raised is 191 million dollars. In addition, in June, the company hired and purchased Effective Space Solutions technologies, which it will use to create the geostationary services arm of its business.

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