Japan's largest railroad starts running on renewable energy only

This means that all seven railway lines and one tram line are not emitted into the atmosphere.

carbon dioxide. Clean energy is also used for drinks vending machines, surveillance cameras and lighting.

Tokyu, which employs 3,855 people, isthe first railway operator in Japan to be able to implement such a solution. The company notes that the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions is equivalent to the average annual emissions of 56,000 Japanese homes.

This decision is very important for all of Japan, the country is the sixth largest carbon emitter. The government has now set a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Ryo Takagi, professor at Kogakuin University andthe electric rail systems specialist believes that the next important decision should be to switch from diesel trains to hydrogen-powered lines. It is also necessary to replace gas-consuming cars with electric ones.

According to the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policy, only about 20% of Japan's electricity comes from renewable sources.

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