JBL TUNE 120TWS Headphones: Wireless Sound Enjoyment

There is a reason why JBL wireless speakers are popular all over the world.The company knows exactly what the consumer needs, and

takes a combination of high quality of its products and affordable price tags. The brand's BT speakers have long been the benchmark for outdoor acoustics, and JBL over-ear headsets are quite often seen on public transport.Let's look at the example of the TUNE 120TWS.

Sound quality

The emitter is used here in size 5.8 millimeters with proprietary PureBass technology. The user is notified immediately, in capital letters on the box. How this technology works and where such deep bass comes from is the secret of the manufacturer. However, the bass in this model is really deep, clean, pleasant. Most owners claim that the 120TWS sounds almost like quality wired headphones.

As for the frequency range, it’s even,without obvious failures or bumps, you can immediately hear that tuning was done by professionals, and not Asian, but European, who know what naturalness and optimal balance are. Hence the lack of pronounced genre predilections. Everything is played out perfectly, except that it pulls a little heavy metal and trash, however, this is very specific music, and it needs special headphones, metalheads in the know.

The range is somewhat cut from above, which forBluetooth is completely excusable, the bandwidth is not too wide, but there is no cotton fog. Of course, the smallest details can sometimes not be distinguished, but the pleasure is still enough. The sound has everything you need - both pressure and drive with energy, in general, for everyday headphones that are used on the road, more is not necessary.


By the way, there are no difficulties with the roads,noise isolation is quite effective (here it is passive), even quiet music is perfectly audible. So when you go down to the ground, it becomes a little sadder, the loud metro buzzing is very hard to press. However, many active noise reduction systems cannot cope with it. In general, the sound insulation level here will be better than many TWS headphones. Including thanks to not shortened sound guides.

Speech is also heard perfectly, everything is legible,True, the distance makes itself felt, and the interlocutor hears you a little worse than if they spoke directly to the smartphone. The sound of the voice becomes more booming, as with all headsets in which the microphone was not specially taken out towards the face.


If you put the headphones in the case, then in 15 minutesthey will gain energy for 60 minutes of work. And such a ragged power mode will be the main one, since from zero to 100 percent the battery charges in two hours. Energy is consumed in different ways, depending on many factors. This is the volume level, and the nature of the musical compositions, and the codec used, and the distance from the base, that is, from the smartphone, if there are obstacles between them.

Headphones hold perfectly, noattenuation or stuttering, especially clippings. Of course, if you left a smartphone in the bedroom, and you went to the kitchen yourself and enjoy snacks, then the connection may be lost.


The functionality of the headphones is different on different cases,button functions vary. We press the button on the right ear - and during the conversation the microphone is turned off - often the option saves. To call the voice assistant, press the button twice. The only inconvenience is that the volume can be adjusted exclusively from a smartphone. But this is perhaps the only drawback in terms of management, the smartphone will have to be kept close.

The earplugs are held securely, they are not neededconstantly correct, the operation of the buttons is clear, with optimal effort, and you do not need to press much, and you accidentally switch nothing. Of the supported codecs, there is AAC, as well as SBC. Not enough, yet at least three or four will not hurt. Of course, some codecs make the device more expensive, and sources are not always supported. And by and large, the sound quality largely depends on the competent design of the headphones, and not on the specific codec. This explains the paradox when an expensive model does not support aptX, but it produces amazing sound.

Old bluetooth

Unfortunately, here is the fourth Bluetoothgeneration, strange, because the fifth has long been on the market, and it costs slightly more. However, so far not all sources support this version of Bluetooth, and without this meaning it is not in the headphones. Unless the fifth generation can more efficiently consume energy. Pairing takes place immediately by removing the headphones, nothing complicated, everything is automatic. When headphones get into the case, they automatically turn off.


This model received the Red Dot Award. And in appearance everything seems to be rather modest, but it has harmony and well-adjustedness of all lines. The surface is combined, matte glossy. The color scheme includes only the classics, but the buttons can be in six colors. No sloppiness, discreet combinations, which is normal for products of a reputable manufacturer. There are three pairs of silicone tips, a box of matte fingerprints are not visible, scratches, too, but it’s better not to put them with keys.