Jedi: Fallen Order developers were inspired by FromSoftware projects

The similarities between Jedi: Fallen Order and iconic FromSoftware games like Dark Souls and Sekiro were noticeable to the naked eye

back at E3. And it’s no coincidence that the chief developer of Respawn Entertainment turned out to be a long-time fan of the Japanese studio’s work.

What borrowed

In an interview with EDGE, leading game designerFallen Order Jason de Heras praised the combat system in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In Miyazaki's project (head of From Software), he liked the lack of a stamina scale, which removes many restrictions from the player.

“I thought the decision to make a game withoutThe stamina reserve was pretty cool. This allows you to attack and maneuver more… I realized that we don't need to limit everything the player does; let him have a little more freedom of action, and for the wrong decisions he is punished by the AI. We were pleased to find out that there is a game similar to ours. Very similar"

Casual sekiro

Fallen Order developer head Stig Asmussen also added that he has been a longtime fan of From Software games, dating back to the studio's first project, King's Field, released in 1994.

More details about borrowed mechanics in Jedi:You can read Fallen Order here (about the combat) and here (about everything else). There are so many of them that the Respawn Entertainment game can be called “A Western take on Souls-like.”