Jeff Bezos Offers NASA $ 2 Billion Discount If Blue Origin Wins Lunar Module Contract

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos offered NASA Administrator Bill Nelson a huge discount in an unprecedented open

letter if his space company receives a contract to build a lunar lander.The discount is really impressive – $2 billion, for which Bezos wants his company, Blue Origin, to get a contractto create a specialized module for transporting astronauts to the Moon, which can also be used for landing.

Let us remind you that in April of this year SpaceX wonNASA contract to build a lunar space module as part of the Artemis mission. This seriously infuriated Jeff Bezos, because his company also participated in the competition. He accused NASA of bias in favor of SpaceX and filed a complaint with the US Government Accountability Office. As a result, NASA terminated the project in May.

Originally Blue Origin required 5.99billion dollars to fulfill this contract. This turned out to be almost double what SpaceX wanted. After the tender and competition, NASA signed a contract with the space company Elon Musk. But, according to Bezos, the US space agency did not allow adjusting the initial conditions and reducing the price.

Earlier this week, July 26, Jeff Bezossent an open letter to the head of NASA. In this letter, he said that the Agency's April decision was hasty and erroneous, but it is not too late to correct it. Bezos has officially offered a $ 2 billion discount if NASA grants Blue Origin a contract to build a lunar lander. In addition, Bezos said in writing that the entire work on this project will cost NASA $ 2.9 billion, and he will not ask the agency for additional funding if the project is overrun. Besos is also proposing an additional $ 1 billion for development, a test launch into low-earth orbit and a moon landing on an unmanned experimental space module.

In his letter to NASA, Jeff Bezos notedthe need to restore competition in the struggle for space contracts. Blue Origin has already prepared all the necessary documents to implement this potential agreement. Jeff Bezos also said that NASA only needs to agree to his proposal and amend the contract. He also added that the space agency's April decision was mainly due to a lack of funds in the budget, but now the situation is completely different, and NASA has no reason to refuse.

Source: theverge

Illustrations: gettyimages

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