Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin will build its space station. Project published

The space station, dubbed the Orbital Reef, is slated for completion in the 2025s and 2030s.

For over sixty years, NASA and othersspace agencies developed orbital space travel and space housing, preparing us for commercial business. It will be launched this decade.

Brent Sherwood, Senior Vice President, Advanced Development Programs, Blue Origin

As told in Blue Origin, the station willfunction as a "mixed-use business park": it will be able to host researchers, space tourists, businessmen and other clients of the company. In total, up to ten people can be present at the station at the same time.

The habitable area inside Orbital Reef will be roughly equal to that of the International Space Station.

Blue Origin claims to be equipping the station with the necessary living, scientific and multi-functional modules.

Boeing, Sierra Space, Redwire Space and Genesis Engineering are the main partners of Blue Origin in the creation of the new station.

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