JerryRigEverything disassembled LG G8 ThinQ and advises not to buy this smartphone

Well-known blogger Zach Nilson, author of the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything conducted his traditional tests of strength

for the LG G8 ThinQ smartphone, and it proved to be quite a tough nut to crack. But after that, Zack decided to disassemble the G8 as well, and after digging into it, he was left disappointed.

What's wrong?

Even before the blogger began disassembling, the message about the danger of removing the battery in the blind of a working device was embarrassing. As it turned out, it is not in vain.

The fact is that the smartphone battery is tightattached with a thick layer of glue. Therefore, it is almost impossible to peel it off without damaging it. Zak is outraged by the fact that in this way the manufacturer puts at risk wizards who will change the battery (there is no talk about self-repair). After all, a damaged battery can explode and ignite at any time.

In addition, a special glue is plentifully poureda module that ensures the operation of the Crystal Sound Display technology for transmitting sound directly through the screen, without a speaker. This module is glued to the back of the display through a metal partition.

After the review, the LG G8 ThinQ continued to work, but it’s unlikely that someone will use it now - according to Zack, after manipulating the battery, it’s unwise and unsafe.

"If you choose between two phones, you will NOTYou should buy LG G8 until they give up the glue on the battery and add the usual latches. Batteries do not last forever. And in the end, someone will definitely decide to replace the battery. And when this day comes ... The battery should change much easier than in this case, ”says Zack Nilsson.