Jokes and NPC Genocide: Watch 20 Minutes of The Outer Worlds Gameplay

Obsidian came to PAX East 2019 and showed reporters a 20-minute “demo” of The Outer Worlds.

What is known

This time

viewers saw the city where the player can goto a bar, and then go out onto the street and carry out the extermination of local residents. According to Obsidian, gamers will be allowed to kill all characters in the city, including quest characters. The inhabitants of The Outer Worlds will be exterminated with machine guns, machine guns, plasma guns, clubs, sickles, and so on.

In addition, some weapons are equipped with specialeffects. For example, in the video they showed a baton that freezes enemies and changes the size of body parts. Obsidian admitted that initially this was a bug that they decided to turn into a feature.

“We found a bug that changed the faces of NPCsfrom one extreme to another in some builds, which made the team laugh. We thought we should use the bug because it's funny and humor is a big part of this game,” said designer Charles Staples.

The gameplay video also showed the interactionwith companions. In battle, partners fight independently, but the player can order his brothers in arms to perform a special attack. During dialogues, assistants also do not stand idle and can participate in the conversation, throwing out witty remarks.

In a previous gameplay video, Obsidian showed the main character's phobia system, as well as a variety of dialogues.

Let us remind you that The Outer Worlds will be released in 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.