Jonathan Ive will quit Apple chief designer

Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive will leave the company for his own studio. He worked for a company more

20 years.

What's next

Jonathan Ive oversaw the design development forfirst Macs and iPhones, and also removed ske-morphism (using the style of real objects when creating virtual objects) in iOS 7. According to the Financial Times, there are no candidates to replace him at the company. The entire design team will now be subordinate to Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams.

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Jonathan himself will now work on his own design studio called LoveFrom, which will begin work in 2020. The first client of his company will be, oddly enough, Apple.

"Apple will continue to benefit from talentJohnny, working directly with him on exclusive projects, and also thanks to the ongoing work of a brilliant design team created by him. After many years of close cooperation, I am happy that our relations are developing and looking forward to a long-term cooperation with Joni in the future, ”said Apple CEO Tim Cook