JP Morgan: Apple will release new iPhones twice a year from 2021

It seems that Apple is going to revise its strategy for the announcement of new iPhones.

What is known

According to

Analyst Samik Chatterjee offinancial company JP Morgan, Apple will release new iPhones twice a year from 2021. Two smartphones in the first half of the year and two in the second. Such a policy will help the company better compete with other players in the market.

Besides this, Chatterj also told somedetails about the iPhone 2020 line. Unlike rumors, the analyst says that in September it is worth waiting for not three devices, but four at once. All models will have OLED displays and modems for the fifth generation network.

Budget versions of iPhone 2020 will get doublecamera, support for 5G frequencies below 6 GHz, as well as screens with a diagonal of 5.8 ″ and 6.1 ″. Top models, in turn, will be equipped with a triple camera with a sensor for 3D scanning of the environment, screens at 6.1 ″ and 6.8 ″, as well as support for mmWave frequencies.

Recall, Apple is now preparing to release iPhone SE2. It should be presented in early 2020. Novelty will receive a price tag of 400 US dollars.

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