Just pull: Xiaomi has developed a manually retractable front camera

The desire of companies to make smartphones absolutely full-screen has given rise to many interesting technical

solutions, starting with holes in the screen andsub-screen front cameras and ending with folding and retractable modules. And although we did not encounter any mass criticism of the reliability of the latter, manufacturers like Xiaomi and OPPO for some reason quickly abandoned them, and many have already forgotten that models such as Redmi K20 (Mi 9T) or OPPO Reno or Reno 2.

However, Xiaomi still does not leave hopeone day to return to this concept, as evidenced by a recently filed patent. In it, the manufacturer describes a fundamentally new design of a retractable front camera, which does not require an electric motor: the user himself will put forward the camera instead. This will happen by simply shifting the switch at the end of the case, which, through gears, will make the module move.

Apparently, such a design is consideredmore reliable and/or compact, because it implies a purely physical implementation without the need for an electric drive. Whether this patent will get to the physical embodiment, alas, is unknown.

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