Keys stick in new MacBook Pros anyway: Apple apologized to users

It looks like sticky keys, which users often complain about, will still be included in the kit

with MacBook laptops: despite the improvements, the problem has not gone away in the new MacBook Pro.

What happened?

Journalists from The Wall Street Journal write thatThe problem of keys sticking has not yet been resolved: dust and debris that get under the buttons prevent them from working. As it turns out, the letters E, R and T are most often missed, and sometimes E, on the contrary, is pressed twice instead of once.

The problem has been going on for several years—since 2015.when Apple started using a keyboard mechanism called "butterfly". Last summer, the third generation of butterflies debuted in the new MacBook Pro, and iFixit specialists found out that silicone membranes had begun to be installed under the keys. In theory, they were supposed to protect the buttons from debris, but in practice, alas, they do not help.

What to do?

After The Wall Street Journal was published in Appleacknowledged the problem and apologized to users. “We are aware that a small number of users are experiencing issues with the third generation butterfly keyboard, and we regret this. The vast majority of MacBook users do not experience problems working with the new keyboard,” the company assures.

Let's remember that since last year, Apple has agreed to repair laptops with problematic keyboards for free. However, new models are not included in the service program.