Kill Fortnite did not work: the audience of Apex Legends continues to decline

On the day of its release, Apex Legends dropped like a bomb. All streaming and video hosting services

were filled with an incredibly popular game. The question was how long it would last and whether Respawn Entertainment could retain such a large audience. As it turned out, they couldn't.

Why is that

Now Apex Legends has lost the championship on Twitchformer leaders - Fortnite and League of Legends. At the time of publication of the news, the number of viewers decreased from 200 thousand to 36 thousand. The reason for the decline lies in weak support for the game. Since release, Respawn Entertainment has only added a battle pass to Apex, which caused a negative reaction among players and one hero. At this time, Epic Games took into account the success of its main competitor and added a system of markers and revivals to Fortnite, significantly increasing the dynamics of the gameplay.

Royal battles peculiar monotonousthe gameplay, and when nothing is added to the game, players start leaving them - Respawn did not take this into account. If this continues in the future, Apex Legends risks repeating the “success” of Black Ops 4, which, despite a promising start, now also grazes the rear.