Kindred Relationships and Genetic Problems Have Driven Neanderthals into Extinction

A new analysis of the genomes of three representatives of Homo neanderthalensis showed that they also had blood types. Before

scientists have only confirmed that they have only the "O" blood group. The new study also proved the existence of groups "A" and "B".

Genome analysis of Neanderthals helpedresearchers speculate why Neaderthals became extinct. Thus, in the archaic genomes of Homo neanderthalensis, a large number of common alleles were found, indicating a small genetic diversity. For example, scientists have found a large number of common alleles in genomes. This suggests that the Neanderthals and Denisovans had low genetic diversity. Most likely it is associated with inbreeding - a form of homogamy, when closely related forms are crossed within the same population of organisms.

For example, genetics of Neanderthals could leadto frequent cases of hemolytic disease of the newborn - a disease resulting from the incompatibility of the blood of the mother and the child for some antigens. In this disease, the mother's immune system attacks the blood cells of her fetus.

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