Knewz: News Corp is developing a news service that will not be dependent on Google and Facebook

News Corp is developing a news service designed to give users a convenient alternative to Google and Facebook. His

called "Knewz" (a humorous transformation of the word“News”, meaning “news”) and it was created to help publishers News Corporation overcome the shortcomings of the two tech giants in the form of Google and Facebook.

If political factors are not taken into account (athey are quite significant in this matter), then the new service should remove bias or excesses in one direction in various publications. Moreover, News Corp plans to cover many categories of news - from local, niche events to international.

The service will be used as algorithmsrecommendations, and curation by special people. According to the corporation, the service should significantly reduce the publishers' dependence on Google and Facebook. They provide an incredible amount of traffic, which can seriously affect news companies.

News Corp Promises Many Convenient Publishersfeatures: this is the superiority of sources over aggregation (for example, the original Journal article will be higher than this article), the absence of restrictions for sites on a paid basis, as well as directing directly to the article, instead of the "more" pages on Facebook or Google.

Knewz will be launched this year, and authors are already thinking about ways to attract a new audience.