Kojima plays Death Stranding daily on PS4, tweaking key elements

Gamers are already waiting for Death Stranding, but Hideo Kojima is in no hurry to release the game or announce a release date. Yet

The developers from Kojima Productions are not sitting still, and the project has already entered the assembly stage.

What is known

Kojima spoke about the state of the game on his pageon Twitter, and the post was kindly translated by Aki Saito, Public Relations Manager of Kojima Productions. According to him, at this stage Death Stranding began to be pieced together. Every day, Kojima plays on the PlayStation 4, connecting, adjusting elements, and adding and removing parts of the game.

After debugging, the game should be sent to testers,who will catch bugs and test the difficulty of the game on their own skin. Next, the project should “go gold” and hit store shelves. In early March, Kojima said that the game's production was behind schedule, but it seems that the developers have a deadline and a release date.

It's possible that we'll find out more details at State of Play, a PlayStation premiere show. The first episode is planned to be shown on the night of March 25 at 23:00 Kyiv time.