KXD K30: premium glass and budget price tag

The KXD company has repeatedly surprised consumers with its new products with decent characteristics for state employees, and

their prices are half the market average.And here is a new smartphone from a young company, this time the consumer will be pleasantly surprised in the form of a body completely covered with Gorilla Glass, both on the front and back, as well as a high-quality screen. And at the same time, the cost of the gadget barely exceeds $100.

What is offered

Front panel hides under protective glass5.7-inch widescreen display with a resolution of 1440x720 or HD +. The edges of the smartphone are rounded, there is support for In-Cell, which provides up to thirty percent of the energy, while there is no distortion in the picture. On the ends of the device there is a metal frame, giving the smartphone refinement. The device has good photo capabilities for a state employee, four-lens optics, the main camera with two modules. There is a fingerprint scanner, so that data is protected. The camera can shoot at night. The battery is 3000 mAh, the battery density is high, holds more than six hundred cycles, without losing 15 percent capacity. The basis of the hardware stuffing here is the MT6750 processor, from Mediatek, the integrated video accelerator Mali-T860 is responsible for the graphics.

Advantages of the KXD K30

So, the main advantage that immediatelyThis is a protected case, and the protection is very premium - Gorilla Glass. A smartphone with such protection looks stylish, is not afraid of scratches and chips. The tempered glass is polished to the maximum, adding to the appearance of the smartphone premium. And the frame itself is made of metal, so that with the strength of the case everything is in order.

High-quality, energy-efficient screen

RawColor screen production technology thatprovides the user with very bright colors and juicy color reproduction, which can be customized. There are practically no acidic shades. The screen saves up to a third of energy when compared with similar diagonals of other smartphones.

Advanced photo features

Of course, this is true for the budgetsegment, the main camera received two modules with sensors of 13 megapixels and 5. The aperture 2 provides sufficient sensitivity to get great photos at any level of illumination. In addition, the smartphone supports night shooting, for which the cameras were subjected to hardware optimization. Also, the front camera supports the function Face-Unlock, which together with the fingerprint scanner constitute a reliable system for protecting user data.

Good autonomy

Since smartphones are mobile, i.e.without wires, then a capacious battery is a very important component for increasing battery life. 3000 mAh with this screen and not very voracious processor provide autonomy for at least two days. The thickness of the battery is reduced due to the greater density of the material.

Premium sound

For the sound in the smartphone meet two stereo speakers, as well as the original sound optimization system. Listen to music through this smartphone is very nice, the purity of the sound at a high level.

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