Kyocera DuraXV Extreme - a phone for working with which the coronavirus is not terrible

Our smartphones are usually constantly dirty, stained. Only occasionally do we wipe them when already due

dirt becomes invisible on the screen. And if earlier, it didn’t particularly create problems, for example, a minor inconvenience, but now, against the background of the deadly pandemic of the coronavirus, it has become dangerous to health and life. Of course, WHO and other organizations have already issued recommendations for users on cleaning mobile devices, but even IP protection is unlikely to withstand all kinds of disinfectants for a long time, especially those based on ethyl (and other) alcohol. But now there is a new Kyocera phone for extreme conditions - the DuraXV Extreme model.

What a beast

The phone received a clamshell form factor, howeverit is not a competitor to all kinds of flagship devices with a flexible screen such as Samsung's Motorola Razr or Z Flip. This is the good old form factor of this clamshell, which used to easily withstand any mockery of them.

The functionality of the new phone is also notclaims to compete with Pixel 4 or with older iPhone 11. But there is a PTT + function (you press and talk), it works in mobile networks, and there is also WiFi, but you can’t call the device a smartphone. Android is installed as the system here, but its version is proprietary (albeit with open source). There is a set of simple applications, including a browser for Internet surfing, a navigation system, an email client for e-mail, a messenger and more.

Useful features

And yet, this phone has something that is not inmany flagship smartphones. Well, to begin with, the battery here is removable, that is, you can always carry one or two spare batteries with you, and quickly replace it if necessary, extending the life of the phone for a few more days away from the outlet. And the phone’s autonomy is phenomenal - 18 days! In addition, the sound in the phone is not just loud - it gives out more than 100 decibels from two front speakers. There are still two microphones that work in the noise reduction system. This ensures that your interlocutor can clearly hear you, even if you are in a very noisy place, for example, at a construction site.

Full security

It seems that there are already enough pluses, but the phoneIt boasts the most important advantage - the highest strength and security. The case is made of durable materials and complies with the military standard MILSPEC810G, that is, it does not care about shock, dust, water, vibration, extreme temperature changes, as well as pressure, direct sunlight, fog freezing, ice and so on. If the phone falls from a height of one and a half meters, then this drop will not affect its functionality, even if it falls on asphalt or concrete. Dust and moisture are cut off by IP68 protection, half an hour at a two-meter depth under water - no problem.

After the street, you can easily wash your phone,moreover, with the use of alcohol solutions or soap, nothing will happen to him, but then the possible remnants of the coronavirus will be deleted. The case and screen easily hold 70 percent alcohol, both ethyl and isopropyl. This will definitely kill COVID-19. DuraXV Extrem is an ideal phone for extreme conditions, for work in the conditions of a coronavirus pandemic.

You can wash your phone without any problems. Kyocera says this can be done with soap, cleaning wipes, or a solution of 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. Given that doctors recommend using 70 percent alcohol to kill COVID-19 viruses, this phone is ideal for use in the field. It is for real business people that a model worth $ 240 is designed.

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