Lab rats turned out to be similar in behavior to fans of social networks

This is not a comparison that might be pleasing, but research by academics has shown that fan behavior

social networks that are hungry for likes on Facebook and Instagram are similar to the behavior of laboratory rats looking for food.

An international team of scientists analyzedover a million social media posts from over 4,000 users. They found a connection between how often people posted and received likes. In simple words: people post more on social media if they are liked more often.

Scientists have compared this to the behavior of rats when searchingfood. We're talking about experiments in Skinner's box. It is built on the principle of food reward. In such experiments, rats are taught, for example, to press a button after being exposed to a light or sound signal. For the correct actions, the animal receives food. That is, huskies work for humans in the same way as food rewards for rats.