Lapscreen: optional monitor for tablet, laptop and sartphone

A smartphone with two screens, the same tablet or a laptop have not gained much popularity among users,

because the second display is completely unclaimed most of the time.situations when a second monitor with a sufficient diagonal would not be superfluous at all.This is convenient on the road, when you need to work or want to watch a movie on a decent-sized screen.

Thin and light

The thinner and lighter the portable monitor, thebetter, not just as they are called portable. And in this regard, the Lapscreen display will give odds to all existing monitors, since at the moment it is the thinnest display, and the easiest. The diagonal of the display is 12.5 ”, the resolution of the IPS matrix is ​​1920x1080. Visually, it resembles A4 sheet, only slightly smaller, its thickness is 8 millimeters, and this is at the point with the maximum thickening. If you measure at a thin point, as other manufacturers usually like to do, the parameter is 4 millimeters. The weight of the portable display is 200 grams, there will be no problems with transportation.

Release date, price

Lapscreen will be available for purchase already inthis month, the price tag will start at two hundred dollars. The width of the monitor is 28 centimeters, height is 21 centimeters, two modifications are available: a basic one for $ 200 - a simple monitor, not a touchscreen. The second modification received a sensor on the screen, and gained some weight, the price tag on it was $ 300.

The price tag, of course, is not a budget at all,there are cheaper options for gadgets, now even a full-fledged laptop with good performance can be purchased for $ 300. However, with regard to portable monitors, Lapscreen has very few competitors. True, the slim and compact design required to exclude the stand, but you can always find something that will become a stand for the compact monitor. Moreover, usually such displays just lie on the table, and they are just used.

Lapscree Interfaces: a symmetrical USB port through which you can transfer data and power, connect smartphones and tablets, the HDMI port allows you to connect via adapters to devices with a variety of ports, from DisplayPort to DVI or VGA. Four Lapscreens easily connect to your MacBook using the available ports and a wireless interface.

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