Launched sales of Xiaomi TVs in Russia: take it while the discount!

The company Xiaomi confident steps expanding the scale of its customers. Finally in Russia you can buy

officially branded televisions from the Chinese technogiant. And do not use for this intermediaries and friends from China.

Now is the time to buy TV from Xiaomi: the Chinese became generous and made very nice discounts for Russian users.

At the moment on the official website of the company you can buy new TVs Mi TV 4A and Mi TV 4S. Until August 5, they are sold at a special price.

The price of Mi TV 4S with a diagonal of 55 inches is 29,999 rubles instead of 33,999 rubles;

Mi TV 4S with a diagonal of 43 inches is sold at 19,999 rubles instead of 22,999 rubles.

The cost of Mi TV 4A with a diagonal of 32 inches for 9,999 rubles instead of 11,999 rubles.

Thus, you can buy the most basic version of the TV from Xiaomi now for only 10,000 rubles.

It is worth noting that our compatriotsturned out to be quite fast: the first batch of televisions sold like hot cakes. At the moment, no model is available, and you have to wait about a week until it is sent for you. This suggests that the demand for Xiaomi technology in Russia is great.

Also note that as the operating system on TVs, a specialized version of Android TV is used, plus users will have the opportunity to subscribe to various content.