Launchpad Tips on Mac

Launchpad on Mac is sort of like the home screen on iPhone and iPad. It conveniently displays your programs. When

you download a program from the App Store, it appears in the Launchpad, and you can interact with it from there.

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Launchpad is not always displayed on the computer screen, so you still need to open it. Because of this, many simply do not use the panel, although the Launchpad can be very useful.

Below you will find tips on using Launchpad on a Mac. Perhaps they will force you to use the panel more often.

How to open the Launchpad

Launchpad can be opened in several quick ways.

  • Click the Launchpad icon in Dock.
  • Click the Launchpad icon in the Programs folder.
  • Use the F4 key on the keyboard (fn + F4).
  • Use the trackpad gesture - put three fingers together on one side and your thumb on the other.

You can understand how many pages with programs you have, by the number of points at the bottom of the screen. To switch between these pages, use the trackpad or the mouse.

Using Active Corners

You can use the Active Corners feature on your Mac for even faster access to the Launchpad. Just move the cursor to one of the corners of the screen, and the panel with the programs will open.

one)From the menu bar, selectApple&gt;System settings.

2)Select sectionDesktop and Screensaver.

3)Click the button belowActive angles.

four)Use the menu to snap to one of the corners of the Launchpad, choosing it from the options.

five)Now move your cursor to the previously selected corner of the screen and Launchpad will open.


When you download a program from the Mac App Store,it automatically appears in the Launchpad panel. However, this does not apply to programs downloaded from the network. To add a third-party program to the panel, simply move it to the folderPrograms.

Launchpad Software Management

Like on iPhone and iPad, you can move programs to Launchpad, create folders, etc. This is a great way to organize the panel to your taste.

To move the program, hold it and drag it to a new location, and then release. When you pull the program, others will move away and free up space.

To create a folder, hold the program thatyou want to put in it, and drag it to another, which you also want to add to the folder. The folder will be created automatically, as in iOS. Then you can drag other programs to the folder. Click on the folder name to change it.

To remove the program from the folder, hold it and pull it out of the folder. When there are no programs left in the folder, it will disappear.

Uninstall programs

You can remove programs on a Mac in several ways, and one of them is via Launchpad.

To remove a program, long-press it until the animation appears. Click the iconXin the corner of the program and confirm its deletion. To enter delete mode, you can hold down the keyOption.


This will not only remove the program from Launchpad, but will remove it completely. If the icon does not appear in the corner of the programX, it can not be removed. Among such programs are Mail, Calendar and Utilities.

Use search

If you have many programs installed, you can use Launchpad search to quickly access them.

Enter the name of the program in the search bar at the top of the screen, and then select it or press the keyEnter/Returnto immediately open the program.

Load indicator

When downloading programs from the App Store, you can check the download indicator using the Launchpad icon in Dock.


You can find out which program is loading, how much it weighs, and when the download is complete.

As you can see, the Launchpad panel is very useful and can help you with many tasks. We hope you will use it more often now.