Leak: Activision is developing its Destiny 2 and three more new Call of Duty

With the release of Destiny 2: “Resident Shadows,” Bungie finally said goodbye to Activision, who is rumored to be planning

close the void in the line of games.

What is known

Twitter account shared informationTheGamingRevolution, which, according to Game Rant, has already been noted for true Call of Duty leaks. According to the source, Activision launched 10 new projects. Three games will continue to develop the Call of Duty series, the source did not disclose the remaining projects, but hinted, the company is preparing to replace Destiny.

"Apparently, Activision launched into development10 different projects in their studios, and not only in COD studios. 3 - Call of Duty, one is a new third-party IP to replace the gap that Destiny filled in, ”wrote TheGamingRevolution.

Destiny 2 did not become a financial success as a pointview of the sale of add-ons and monetization. Nevertheless, Activision apparently liked the idea of ​​a service game, which is expanding with seasonal and annual updates.

Game Rant notes that such a project needsStudio with experience in multiplayer, but Sledgehammer, Treyarch and Infinity Ward are already busy with the new Call of Duty. Perhaps Activision will give the project to a third-party studio, or the company is preparing a single adventure in the style of Destiny.

In any case, this is only a rumor, let the source be noted and truthful leaks. In addition, not all projects live up to the announcement, because Destiny from Activision may be stuck in the walls of digging.