Leak confirmed: Pixel 4 will receive a gesture sensor and an improved face scanner

About a week ago, a network of new Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL smartphones with a cutout for

sensor gestures. Now the corporation has officially announced that smartphones will actually have a motion recognition function.

Gesture sensor

The company has finally completed five years of work.above Soli, a motion sensitive sensor. The sensor is located at the top of the smartphone and can recognize gestures and detect when you are nearby. Pixel 4 will be the first device with Soli and Motion Sense, allowing you to skip songs, set aside an alarm clock and turn off phone calls, just waving your hand.

Face recognition

Most smartphones with a face scanner requireso that the user places the device right in front of him, waits until it unlocks and runs his finger to go to the home screen. In Pixel 4, this process will be much faster.

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When you reach the phone, Soli activatesface recognition sensors. If the device "recognized" the owner, it will immediately turn on. In this case, the function works from almost any angle, regardless of the position of the smartphone. According to Google, images used for this feature are not saved or transferred to other services of the company.

Most likely, Pixel 4 will be available this year.