Leak: Diablo 4 will be "cruel and vile" continuation of a series with new Diablo

The whole Internet is talking about Diablo 4, but Blizzard is still silent, waiting for BlizzCon 2019. Reddit user with a nickname

PracticalBrush12 is less patient and decidedshare information about the game with forum readers. The guy already managed to become famous by telling about the release date and the main villain Ghost Recon Breakpoint the day before the official announcement.


According to PracticalBrush12, atmosphere and surroundingsin Diablo IV will be dark and vile. Locations will go in dark tones, there will be wastelands, gray deserts, caves, infected swamps and other unpleasant things to the eye. In addition, the levels themselves will become larger and more interactive, allowing the player to climb rocks, as in Lost Ark.

The new Diablo will be Lilith, which you can take a look at in the art book that leaked to the Network last week.

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Of the classes, the source confirmed only the magician,barbarian and druid. The first uses ice, fire and lightning, the second rushes with swords and axes, and the third throws lightning, wind and can turn into animals. Like in Diablo 3, the developers will bring the co-op, but there is no information about the PvP mode yet.

PracticalBrush12 summarized that Diablo 4“Winks” to fans of the second part with its gloomy atmosphere. In addition, part of the abilities of the characters are directly taken from Diablo 2. Speaking about the gameplay, the leak author said that Diablo 4 looks like a more dynamic and faster version of the third part.