Leak: disclosed images of new operatives Rainbow Six Siege for the third season

There are two weeks left before the announcement of the third season of Rainbow Six Siege, and new information has begun to emerge on the Internet

about operatives.

What is known

This time on Reddit there were images of newfighters whose names are so far known only to the developers. The concept art depicts a man and woman hunting ancient relics in the jungle. Initially, gamers thought that the characters did not belong to Rainbow Six Siege, but there are several details that support the theory.





Firstly, the drawing style is similar to concept artVarden and Nyok, and secondly, in the Hammer and the Scalpel trailer, gamers found a reference to an investigation into the antiques trade. In addition, the photographs in the video depict the Pyramids of Kukulkan, which are located in Mexico, where, judging by the “road map,” the first new operative of the third season lives.

The new leak did not talk about abilitiesfighters, but last time the source said that the attack operative uses a grappling hook, and the “defender” relies on a shield with a Molotov cocktail container.

Players will receive confirmation or denial of the leak on August 18, when Ubisoft officially talks about the new season.