Leak: Blizzard has canceled the Diablo 2 remaster and will release Diablo 4 before 2021 with five classes

Even before the official announcement, many publications appeared on Reddit with rumors about Diablo 4. Some remained as they were

guesses, and others were confirmed on the BlizzCon 2019 stage.

The second type includes predictionsby Gorelight. Four months before the official announcement, he got the name right, the focus on MMOs, the developers returning to the spirit of Diablo 2, and so on. There are points in the publication that have not received confirmation from Blizzard, but, like previous predictions, may come true.

What to expect from Diablo 4

Diablo 4 will be a kind of restart of the series for Blizzard. In addition, the project is planned as a service game, which the developers will develop with free and paid updates.

The first leaks pleased Diablo 2 fanspossible announcement of a re-release of the game. According to the tipster, Blizzard was indeed working on an improved version. However, the studio canceled the project in order to concentrate on Diablo 4 and bring elements of the fan-favorite Diablo 2 into the sequel. So the fans will benefit.

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At launch there will be five classes in Diablo 4:

  • barbarian,
  • wizard,
  • Druid,
  • paladin,
  • Amazon

According to the source, Blizzard initially planned to add a necromancer, but his place was taken by a druid. More classes will be added after release, including the necromancer.

If the first frames of Diablo 4 remind you of Pathof Exile, Grim Dawn, Wolcen or other “diabloids”, it didn’t seem to you. According to the informant, Blizzard has formed a team that plays projects of similar genres and is developing Diablo 4 with an eye on competitors.

Sample Diablo 4 release plan:

  • In 2020, gamers will see a beta version
  • We will be able to play Diablo 4 at the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021

Note that Blizzard itself has not yet decidedwith the release date, noting that gamers will not see the game soon. Perhaps the developers don’t want to rush things and anger fans by postponing the release date if they don’t manage to keep up. At BlizzCon 2019, the company showed and told a lot of information about the project, which means the active phase has begun.

In addition, the developers talk more boldly about future mechanics; for example, during the broadcast, the project designer spoke about monetization and trading between players.

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