Leakage: in the fifth season of Rainbow Six Siege players will receive fewer operatives and rewards

It seems that the developers from Ubisoft keep secrets badly, and the content of the fifth season of Rainbow Six Siege has been leaked to the Reddit forum.

What is known

The first thing that catches your eye is the quantityoperatives. In 2020, players will receive only six fighters, not eight. Ubisoft may have removed one update from the traditional roadmap. Gamers were also embarrassed by the lack of R6 credits as bonuses for the purchase of an annual pass. Often, Ubisoft directly wrote whether the players would receive extra money, and now decided to remain silent about it.

The Rainbow Six Siege combat pass will also not be included with the Year 5 pass, but the developers will give a 30% discount on its purchase. Subscription holders will also receive 30% of the "battle points".

Otherwise, players will receive the same 10% discount in the Rainbow Six Siege store, a 5% increase in fame and a VIP subscription for a year.

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The launch date for the new season has remained a secret. If Ubisoft does not change the tradition, gamers will learn the details of the update at the Six Invitational 2020 tournament, which will be held from February 14 to February 16.

Recall that in the new year, Rainbow Six Siegeanother team is already engaged. Creative director Xavier Marquis and brand director Alexander Remy took with them members of the Siege core team and left to work on a new project. The fate of the shooter passed into the hands of the game designer For Honor Leroy Atanassoff.

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