Leaked gameplay StarCraft: Ghost - canceled shooter Blizzard for PS2 and Xbox

While StarCraft was at the peak of popularity, Blizzard decided to release StarCraft: Ghost with the heroine Nova in the title role. Project

did not reach the release, but the gameplay of the early assembly of the game appeared on the Web.

What showed

Gameplay StarCraft: Ghost is a third-person shooter. The project was developed between 2002 and 2006 along with Nihilistic Software, and this would be the company's first shooter. Initially, the project was being prepared for GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2, but after a series of transfers it was closed.

"Metelitsa" released materials about the game, but now a new video has appeared on the Internet with the game assembly process for developers, which is running on a modified Xbox 360.

The new video is different in that the players were shown live gameplay, in addition, in a resolution of 720p. Blizzard is in a hurry to delete downloaded videos from YouTube, but Delso Bezerra user managed to survive.

Source: VG247

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