Led UAV drones will learn the art of flying from people

Guided unmanned aircraft that will accompany fighter jets and other human-controlled ones

aircraft will appear in service with the US Air Force in the near future.

Recently, the military conducted tests XQ-58A"Valkyrie", a drone that can be used for electronic warfare, intelligence and assessment of the situation on the battlefield, and in the event of an attack on manned fighter aircraft will be able to take fire.

According to Rouper, the opportunity to learnUAVs are being developed as part of the Skyborg program. Its members are trying to create artificial intelligence that will allow future unmanned aircraft to independently learn the art of flying during the flight.

If researchers manage to create ableto learn artificial intelligence, aircraft equipped with them will be accompanied by F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II fighters, as well as fourth-generation bombers.

Earlier it was reported that the aircraft manufacturing concernBoeing, along with the Australian military, will develop the Boeing Airpower Teaming System. The project involves the creation of Wingman unmanned aircraft, which will be accompanied by Australian Air Force fighters.