LEGO Star Wars Battles - Star Wars strategy for Android and iOS with online battles

Warner bros Interactive and Lucasfilm Games have announced the LEGO Star Wars Battles, the new Star Wars universe game for Android and iOS.

What is known

This time, the developers decided to combinestrategy and "tower defense" with collecting heroes. Players have to collect an army of fighters of the "starry universe" and participate in online battles. Arenas for battles will be LEGO copies of locations from films, and the characters of Star Wars of the light and dark sides will participate in them. As a combat aid, players will be able to summon turrets and equipment on the field.

The game will combine the content and characters of the mainfranchise films, branches of Rogue One. Star Wars: Stories, as well as the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. At the start, players will have access to 40 fighters, including Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Yoda.

The development of LEGO Star Wars Battles tookTT Games studio, from the walls of which came the LEGO games for "Harry Potter", "Avengers", "Batman" and other franchises. The Star Wars mobile strategy will be released in 2020 on Android and iOS. The distribution model is not specified, but most likely, LEGO Star Wars Battles will be shareware and with microtransactions.