Lenovo Introduces YOGA CC130: GaN Charging with Dual USB-C and 130W Power

Lenovo showed off its new compact charger in China.

What is known

The new product was named YOGA CC130.

The device received two USB-C ports andmaximum power of 130 watts. Thanks to this, with the help of such a power supply unit, you can simultaneously charge a laptop and a smartphone. In addition, the gadget boasts GaN technology. This made the device more compact. The power supply unit weighs only 103 grams.

Price and when to wait

YOGA CC130 price list and start date of sales companyLenovo has not disclosed yet. The manufacturer has a similar 65W YOGA CC65 charger that costs $ 18. Therefore, we can assume that the novelty will also cost a little more.

Source: Gizmochina

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