Lenovo showed a prototype of a flexible ThinkPad X1 notebook

While most manufacturers are preparing their foldable smartphones, Lenovo has gone further and introduced

A prototype laptop with a flexible screen.

What is known

The new product is called ThinkPad X1 and itsshowed at the annual Accelerate 2019 event in Orlando, USA. Like regular laptops, the device folds in half thanks to special hinges. Instead of a separate screen and keyboard, the entire internal surface is occupied by a flexible display. Its diagonal when folded is 13.3 inches. The device runs on the Windows operating system. The manufacturer did not disclose any other information about the ThinkPad X1.

When to expect

Lenovo has been working on the product for the past few years, but has no plans to release it yet. At least until 2020. It seems that the manufacturer does not want to repeat the fate of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.