Lenovo showed the laptop of the future MOZI - no screen at all and with a sliding keyboard

A subsidiary of Lenovo has developed a unique notebook concept called MOZI.

What a curiosity
like this?

Many manufacturers are experimenting withlaptop form factor, trying to set them apart from the competition. However, one thing remains unchanged: these devices are equipped with a screen (in some cases, a removable touchscreen for use as a tablet) and a keyboard. And in this regard, MOZI is fundamentally different from them.

The MOZI concept completely eliminates the presence of a screen- Instead, there is a built-in projector. For viewing, you can simply place the laptop in front of a wall or other surface. According to the product description, the projector has a "low blue light ratio", which is in line with current laptop display trends.

In addition, the gadget received a keyboard thatif necessary, it is pulled out of the case. You can hide it back at any time - for example, if you just want to watch a movie or save space when transporting a laptop.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the characteristics and cost of MOZI, and it is not at all clear whether it will go on sale. But the laptop has already taken first place at the Red Dot Design Award 2022.