Less "exclusive" PS4: Death Stranding will officially be released on PC in 2020

The official Twitter account Kojima Productions announced that Death Stranding will be released not only on the PlayStation 4, but also on the PC.

When to expect

There is no exact release date, but PC gamers shouldwait for Death Stranding in the summer of 2020. For PlayStation 4, the release day remained the same - November 8, 2019. The publisher of the PC version was 505 Games, which also helped release Control, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. The company has not yet told where exactly Death Stranding will be sold, but judging by Control, the project will appear on the shelves of the Epic Games Store.

Note that back in 2015 the game was announcedfor both platforms, but the Sony marketing department managed to create an appearance of exclusivity for its platform. Former Multiplayer.it journalist Antonio Fucito also reminded of the release of Death Stranding on the PC, but an official statement appeared only now.

Recall that the actions of Death Strandingwill unfold in the world after a global catastrophe, due to which the environment has changed under the influence of supernatural phenomena The exit of death. The United States of America became the United Cities of America, but lost contact with each other, and the main character Sam Bridges will have to go on a journey to resume contacts.