LG Announces ARTCOOL Gallery - An Unusual 27-inch Air Conditioner That Will Display Family Photos

LG has announced a unique household appliance called ARTCOOL Gallery, which performs the functions

conditioner and photo frames.

What it is

In fact, this is a home air conditioner, only itadditionally equipped with a 27-inch LCD screen that can display different content - static or animated images. For example, it can be works of artists or ordinary family photos.

The user can control the air conditioner, as well as the displayed content, in the LG ThinQ mobile application. In addition, the package includes a remote control.

The air conditioner itself received a double inverter compressor and an advanced cooling system. In addition, it is quite energy efficient and consumes 70% less energy than a conventional air conditioner.

So far, there are no other details about LG ARTCOOL Gallery.And that's because LG saved the full presentation for CES 2023, which will be held from January 5 to 8. Then we will find out both the cost and the date of the start of sales of the air conditioner.