LG Confirms It Will Start Selling iPhones In Its Stores In August

LG Electronics spokesman has officially confirmed that the company will start selling products in August this year.

Apple in their stores. Both the iPhone and other Apple electronics, including the Apple Watch, are expected to be sold in the company's stores in South Korea.

Once the company decided to discontinuemanufacturing smartphones and selling Apple electronics in its stores, LG faced opposition from local retailers who accused the company of violating a 2018 agreement protecting small businesses from non-competitive behavior by tech giants.

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Originally LG and Samsung agreed to sellonly their own phones in their stores to leave profit opportunities for smaller companies. But now the association representing retailers has signed an agreement that allows LG to freely sell smartphones to other brands.

Apple's iPhone and other electronics salesLG stores will begin in August. Today the company has over 400 stores across the country. The agreement between LG and Apple will lead to increased sales of Apple's electronics, which will obviously create some problems for Samsung. After LG left the production of smartphones, the vacant market niche is extremely competitive. LG's decision is clearly in Apple's favor, and Samsung will have to do something about it.

Source: engadget

Images: michaelderun

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