LG G7 Fit: a review of the best middling LG

The G7 Fit smartphone from LG deserves the title of super-average, because in terms of performance and technology

and performance is a notch lowerflagships, but also above the usual average. Many experts agree that this is the best creation of the company in a long time; other models of the manufacturer are frankly disappointing with various shortcomings. So, in appearance, LG has chosen the right direction, we’ll see how solid it is now.

Design, ergonomics

G7 Fit - a kind of hybrid that has absorbedelements from the G6 and G7 ThinQ, the first model gave him the basic specifications, and from the second flagship got the display and the overall design. The screen with a diagonal of 6 ”has a useful area on the front panel of 83 percent, which is a decent result for this price category. The back of the case with roundings, looks thinner than its 8 millimeters. In the palm of your hand lies confidently, to hold nicely, despite the large display. Both sides of the smartphone are covered with fifth-generation Gorilla Glass, metal frame. The device has an IP68 security standard. As well as the military standard MILSTD810, so that neither water, nor dust, nor the fall is not terrible. The practicality of protective glass in terms of prints is not very, so. It is necessary to take care of a soft cloth to erase fingerprints.

The back panel looks stylish and neat, allelements (camera lens, fingerprint scanner and flash) are located on the same line. The pattern for damage is simply gorgeous, ladies will love it. Build quality is perfect, everything fits clearly, no backlash, the feeling of a monolith. The controls are in the usual places, as are the connectors, including USB-C, the mini-jack speaker on the bottom, and the receiver of the SIM and SD cards on the top.


Usually smartphones from the middle price rangehave a display with Full HD resolution. Our hero QHD + or 3120x1440. The clarity of the picture is simply amazing, the viewing angles are maximum, the brightness margin and the contrast are high. It is possible to change the resolution to a lower one, which significantly saves the charge. The matrix is ​​used IPS technology FullVision. Also, Diplay is always activated, which displays on the locked screen notifications and necessary information. You can also control the player, not including the screen.


  • The filling includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor;
  • Graphic accelerator Adreno 530;
  • RAM 4 gigabytes;
  • 3000 mAh battery;
  • 32 GB drive, microSD 2 terabyte support.

Immediately worth noting that the processor is herenot the freshest one is used, moreover, it was released in 2016; nevertheless, its performance is still sufficient for all everyday tasks and most mobile games. Applications and interface work quickly and smoothly. The integrated video accelerator still produces excellent results. Both on tests and in real games and applications. Heavy games will have to put in the minimum settings.


LG rightly decided that a single module forThe main camera is quite enough to take good photos. 16 megapixel camera sensor, front camera with 8 megapixel sensor. With sufficient light, the pictures are detailed, without noise, the white balance is set correctly. The video camera can write at 4K 30 fps, there is digital stabilization, however, it works adequately only at lower resolutions. Selfies are obtained in good quality, it will be shameful to publish them immediately on social networks.

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