LG Launches Gram Style Chameleon Laptops Starting at $1,499 - Some Versions Available for $200-300 Discount

The South Korean company LG has begun selling new gram series laptops. They are called LG gram Style, and the main

a special feature is the lid, which shimmers in different colors.

What is known

Laptops received a special coating that changes color depending on the lighting (from blue-gray to dark orange). Also new items stand out tactile trackpad with LED backlight.

LG gram Style equipped with Intel Core chipi7-1360P. The amount of LPDDR5 RAM is 16/32 GB. NVMe storage capacity can be up to 1TB. Windows 11 operating system is used as the software platform.

The company offers users versions with14" and 16" displays. In the first case, the resolution is 2880 x 1800 pixels, and the frame rate is not specified. The larger model received a 120-Hz 3.2K screen (3200 x 2000 pixels). In both cases, an OLED panel is used.

Price and when to wait

Laptops are already on sale in the US. The LG gram Style 14” starts at $1499. LG gram Style 16” will cost at least $1799. However, some modifications are available with a $300 discount.

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