LG Unveils Huge Signature OLED M3 Wireless Monitor with 4K@120FPS Over-the-Air Support

At CES 2023, LG's huge wireless monitor debuted


What is known

The company claims that the novelty is the first inworld with a Zero Connect-enabled monitor. This technology enables the transmission of video and audio wirelessly. LG's idea is to minimize the number of wires. Although now you need to look for a place where to install the "system unit".

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As you understand, the Signature OLED M3 consists of twokey components: the 97” 4K UHD TV itself and the external unit that transmits the image “over the air”. Game consoles can be connected to the box. For the operation of this entire system, it is necessary that the distance between the unit and the panel is no more than 9 meters.

And yes, the company could not completely abandon the wires. One wire provides power to the "system unit", but the manufacturer tried to hide it in the leg of the stand.

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Signature OLED M3 supports video transmission in4K ULTRA HD maximum resolution at frame rates up to 120Hz. Engadget journalists who attended the event at CES 2023 confirmed LG's information that there will be no interference if people or pets walk between the unit and the TV.

The cost and date of the start of sales of LG Signature OLED M3 are not specified.