LG wants to abandon the flagship smartphone series G

At CES 2020, the head of LG promised that the company will arrange a revolution in the smartphone market, and in 2021 a mobile

the unit will finally become profitable. Looks like LG already has a strategy to help with this.

What are you up to

According to sources, the reorganization is coming in the mobile division of LG. Now the company annually releases two flagship lines: G and V. However, they plan to abandon the first.

It seems that LG G9, which is due to debut next month, may be the last representative of the line.

After that, LG will release only flagshipsV series, and not in the fall, as usual, but at the end of winter - the beginning of spring to compete with the flagship Samsung Galaxy S and Huawei P. However, the main requirements for such devices are the “wow effect”.

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