LG will introduce several smart soundbars at CES 2020

LG Electronics talked more about the new products to expect at CES 2020. In particular, the company announced

a series of soundbars powered by artificial intelligence.

Key features

SN11RG is a “smart” flagship soundbar with7.1.4 channel configuration, as well as support for multi-channel sound systems Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. The latter is notable for its self-sufficiency; it does not require a certain number of speakers to achieve the surround sound effect. DTS:X independently calculates and distributes sound. As LG clarifies, most models in the series support these systems.

Another interesting feature of the new products is the AI ​​Room functionCalibration, with which you can automatically adjust audio parameters taking into account the characteristics of a particular room. As the name suggests, the soundbar uses artificial intelligence algorithms to achieve this. The gadget will come with two wireless rear speakers.

In addition to the SN11RG, the company will present other devices in the series, but already on January 7 at CES 2020.

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