LG will now also bring TVs to Ukraine not from Russia, but from Europe

Recently, Samsung announced that TVs for the Ukrainian market will not be assembled in Russia,

but in the countries of Europe and Asia. Now, another South Korean manufacturer, LG, made a similar statement.

Where are they from?

So, LG TVs of the 2019 model range from this month are being taken not from Russia, but from Poland. They are collected in the city of Mlawa, where equipment is produced for the whole of Europe.

The Russian manufacturer left the release of last year's line.

First of all, we are talking about a line of TVs withAdvanced OLED, NanoCell and UHD technologies. Almost all models support artificial intelligence (AI) technology and are equipped with updated second-generation processors α7 and α9 with an advanced learning algorithm.

Source: LG

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LG TVs of the 2019 model range, which began to enter the Ukrainian market in August, are assembled at the company's factory in the Polish city of Mlawa.

Kiev, August 12, 2019 - LG Electronics (LG)changed the country of manufacture of new televisions for Ukraine. From now on, new models of LG TVs, which from this month are supplied to the domestic market, are assembled in Poland. The company is located in the city of Mlawa, where production of LG equipment for the whole of Europe has been launched.

First of all, we are talking about a line of TVs withAdvanced OLED, NanoCell and UHD technologies. Thus, LG became the first South Korean brand to change the “registration” of the 2019 model line from Russian to European, leaving the Russian manufacturer to release last year’s lineup.

Almost all LG 2019 TV models supportartificial intelligence technology (AI). They understand and process hundreds of voice commands, as well as make recommendations analyzing your views. Artificial Intelligence televisions are part of the Smart Home system. For example, using the “home panel” Home Dashboard, you can control other household appliances that support LG ThinQ and more.

The new line of LG TVs in 2019 is equipped withupdated second-generation intelligent processors α7 and α9 with advanced learning algorithm. Thanks to these new chips, LG TVs have improved image and sound, great dynamics and detail, acoustics of sound effects and the like. Processors independently adjust the brightness of the screen depending on the lighting of the room.

In addition, thanks to the advanced α9 processor, OLED TVs are ideal for video games. After all, the response delay is only 1 ms, which ensures the most smooth game.

LG's flagship TVs feature technologyDolby Vision, which provides cinematic quality and Dolby Atmos for realistic sound with an immersive effect that spreads in all directions, even overhead.

2019 OLED and NanoCell TVsyears support HDMI 2.1 for viewing 4K content at a speed of 120 frames per second. The 4K standard provides the highest quality and a fourfold increase in the number of image elements. Therefore, even smaller images UHD 4K TVs show better, because on their screen it consists of a larger number of pixels, which allows you to consider the smallest details. All LG TVs in this series support multi-function Smart TV.