LG will reduce carbon emissions by 50% until 2030

LG's new Zero Carbon 2030 program aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide within 12 years.

What is known

In 2017, the emissions level was 2 milliontons By the end of 2030, LG plans to reduce this number to 960,000 tons. The company will expand installations for the use of renewable energy sources and apply its own technologies. Highly efficient cooling units and energy management systems will reduce carbon emissions.

LG also became the first manufacturer of household appliancesappliances that received Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) credits by expanding their Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) programs. At the end of 2018, LG generated 340,000 tons of CER through its environmental projects. Lee Young-jae, vice president of environmental safety at LG Electronics, said:

“Our commitment to fighting globalclimate change is unshakable. LG's progressive steps towards reducing carbon emissions at workplaces around the world, as well as many other UN CDM projects at work, are an example of the company's unwavering commitment to leadership in environmental sustainability. ”

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LG Electronics (LG) has announced the launch of the Zero Carbon 2030 initiative,

pledging to achieve zero carbon emissions in their operations.

worldwide for 12 years.


According to its business strategy, LG will strive to reduce emissions.

carbon by 50% compared with 2017 by introducing various

initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use

renewable energy. This will help LG get closer to achieving its

ultimate goal – zero percent carbon emissions, where emissions

greenhouse gases are balanced by their removal from the atmosphere.


With strategic initiatives, the company will reduce its carbon footprint.

gas at world production sites of almost 2 million tons in 2017

year, up to 960,000 tons by the end of 2030. LG seeks to expand its

technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing

carbon dioxide formation during production.


LG will increase the use of products that work from solar

energy and thanks to their own technological solutions for business,

as highly efficient refrigeration and energy management systems

(Energy Management Systems – EMS) to reduce carbon emissions.


In addition, due to the expansion of projects based on an environmentally friendly mechanism

Clean Development Mechanism – CDM), LG plans

earn certified emission reduction credits (Certified

Emission Reduction – CER).

Such CDM initiatives promote eco-friendly principles.

developing countries that have committed themselves to





emission reductions, implement relevant projects in these countries with

using equity and technology. Such projects are very

important for obtaining CER loans issued by the Framework Convention

Climate Change (UNFCCC) United Nations

thorough inspection.


LG became the first manufacturer of household appliances, which received

CER loans through the use of high-performance household

electrical appliances in 2015. In the future, LG has strengthened its status

innovative company with a responsible attitude to environmental issues. By

as of the end of 2018, LG received 340,000 tons of CER thanks to

implementation of CDM initiatives.


“Our commitment to combating global climate change

unshakable. LG's progressive steps in reducing carbon emissions by

workplaces around the world, as well as many other UN CDM projects in

work, are an example of the company's unwavering commitment to

leadership in environmental sustainability", – said Lee Young-jae, vice

President, Environmental Safety, LG Electronics.