LG X view overview (K500DS): two displays in one smartphone

Relatively recently, LG began producing X-series smartphones. These devices fell into the middle price range

segment, but each model is equipped with one of“chips” that previously only flagships could boast of. This review will focus on the LG X view, which received a second additional screen - just like the LG V10. Such gadgets are aimed at users who would like to try out a new feature of the flagship model. But he’s not ready to pay a lot of money for a flagship just for one feature.

In addition to the additional display, the LG X view canboast an attractive appearance. For a smartphone asking for a minimum of 226 dollars. The indicated value is current at the time of this review. Review written on the basis of material from the site mobcompany.info.

LG X view (K500DS) specifications

The device belongs to the middle class, respectively, and the characteristics are not top.


The first thing that strikes the eye in addition to the panel withFrontal and small screen - glossy surface of the front and back of the case. It consists of the so-called fiberglass, and the side edges are plastic. As a result, the device looks stylish, but you will often have to wipe the prints from the glass. Who prefers classics, can choose between black and white color of the case. Do not forget the manufacturer and the youth, who probably will like the colors of "pink gold".

There are no sharp edges on the body, and even physicallybuttons have noticeable rounds. Speaking of buttons: the power key is on the side edge on the right, and on top of it, instead of the volume rocker, is the card compartment. Adjust the volume will have buttons that are located on the end to the left. The case is thin, only 7.1 mm, and not heavy - 120 g. Dimensions: 71.8 x 142.6 x 7.1 mm.


Qualcomm installed as a processorSnapdragon 410 (MSM8916), with the Adreno 306 graphics system. The chip consists of 4 Cortex-A53 cores, with a frequency of 1.2 GHz per core. The processor was released 3 years ago, and is now used mainly in budget smartphones. But the company LG, apparently, it does not bother.

However, iron productivity is enough forsolving trivial problems. LG X view also copes with demanding 3D games, but for a smooth game, the level of graphics will be reduced. In the work of overheating is not observed, even under severe loads. Antutu test estimates the performance of the smartphone at 28 thousand points.


The amount of RAM is not indicative - 2 GB. Still, from the Android smartphone, for which you pay such money, you expect at least 3 GB of RAM. Nevertheless, the lack of RAM can be felt only in a similar case: run simultaneously a dozen applications, and on top of one “hard” game.

The amount of internal storage - 16 GB. Approximately 10 GB is free to use, the remaining 6 GB is occupied by the OS and other system needs. The remaining free space is enough to download your favorite applications. Perhaps even for games the place will remain. If the owner of the smartphone is going to store a huge media library, there is good news: external MicroSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 2 terabytes are supported !.

Autonomous work

With the autonomy of this device, everything is verysadly The battery is non-removable, its capacity is 2300 mAh. Everything would be fine, but even with moderately active work, the charge is often not enough until the evening. You can activate the power saving mode, set the display backlight to almost the minimum, and use the optional screen to view notifications. In this case, the smartphone in normal mode will last a maximum of one and a half days.

Continuous video viewing timeThe maximum screen brightness is 6 hours. "Heavy" 3D games put the battery in an hour and a half. To replenish the charge, it will take about 2 hours if you use the supplied power adapter.


The main photo module can take pictures withmaximum resolution of 13 MP. The value of luminosity - F / 2.2. There is a flash, autofocus (fairly accurate and fast). With good daylight, the pictures will be pleased with good detail, correct color rendering, and sharpness throughout the frame. With camera shooting, the camera does more than just fine. The lack of lighting affects the result not for the better: the reduction of detail and the appearance of grain are inevitable.

Camera application interface is overly simple andlaconic. Fans of experimenting with settings will be disappointed: the settings menu is scant. Cannot set ISO, white balance, no HDR mode. Automatic metering can sometimes be wrong, which is why photos can be overexposed. The situation can not be fixed due to the lack of HDR mode. However, advanced users found a way out: install a third-party camera application with manual settings.

Video is written in FullHD resolution at 30 fpsand FPS does not fall even during night shooting. The quality of the obtained videos is quite good. The front camera at 8 MP received wide-angle optics. The quality of shooting is satisfactory, lovers of self will be satisfied.


LG X view is equipped with two displays. The main received a diagonal of 4.93 inches, with HD resolution (1280 x 720), and a pixel density of 298 ppi. An IPS In-Cell matrix is ​​used, with no air gap. In addition, the glass is covered with an anti-reflective layer, so when the sun hits, the image is still clearly visible. Viewing angles are normal, and the margin of brightness can be considered moderate. Touchscreen responsive, supports 10 simultaneous touches.

The secondary display is much smaller than the main one: its diagonal is 1.76 inches, and the resolution is 520 x 80. The screen is made using IPS technology. It is always active, but the backlight level is quite low, and is automatically adjusted, depending on the ambient light. There is no free space between both displays, visually it seems that they are a single design.

Auxiliary screen allowsview certain information, and even perform some actions without activating the main display. For example, you can view notifications, date and time, watch the file upload process, or find out the charge level. You can also switch the music track without unlocking the smartphone.

Networking opportunities

Installing a SIM card is possible in a joint slot,so you have to choose: 2 SIM, or a memory card and 1 SIM. The smartphone works in 2G, 3G and 4G networks. The range of networks of the fourth generation: band 1, 3, 7, 8, 20. Satellite navigation systems GPS and GLONASS are responsible for navigation. The speed and accuracy of the location is very high, and the sensitivity of the receiver is excellent. Satellites are easily detected even indoors, not to mention open space. It is noteworthy that the support for OTG is not provided by the manufacturer. NFC module is also missing.


The location of the multimedia speaker can becall successful: on the lower edge. Because of this, it does not overlap with the hand during operation, or when it is simply lying on the table. The sound quality is acceptable: pronounced low frequencies can not be heard, but the mid and high in excess. The speaker volume is average.

Software part

Works LG X view running Android 6.0. Instead of the usual Android interface, the LG UX 5.0 shell is installed - the same as in the G5 SE. To describe all its differences, advantages and disadvantages will take a lot of time and beeches. Therefore, in short: the interface is minimalistic and attractive, there is no button for calling the list of applications, and all the icons are located on the desktops. Who likes the presence of the button "Menu", can return it to its original place through the settings. The system is not overloaded with third-party software, well optimized, it works quickly and without failures.


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Auxiliary mini-screen makes the smartphonespecial in its price category. The decision is somewhat controversial: on the same Samsung S7 edge, time, date, notifications, etc. is always displayed. And no "crutches" for this was needed. Nevertheless, it is better this way than nothing at all.


  • Extra screen and related benefits.
  • Stylish design (but not for everybody).
  • Good quality received images and videos.
  • Indicative work of GPS.


  • Battery weak.
  • Poor camera interface, lack of settings and the necessary modes.
  • Low performance due to budget processor.
  • Combined slots for SIM and MicroSD.

The smartphone is suitable for users who would like to stand out thanks to an unusual device, or those who are interested in the opportunities offered by the auxiliary mini-screen.

This review has repeatedly mentioned the mainLG X view features. How much it is necessary and useful for the user is up to each individual. I would like to praise the company for trying to make something interesting and original, but ... sorry, LG, not this time. For such a price, you can forgive the amount of RAM, but you don’t want to put up with a budget-level processor, as well as funny autonomy.