Libertas App Expected to Bypass iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Detection

Earlier, the Electra team announced their plans to release a tool to bypass jailbreak detection,

which will allow you to use applications that usually do not work on hacked devices.

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Now it became known that another developer is working on a similar tool - Libertas.

The developer wrote that his tool will be able toBypass at least 9 techniques used by applications to lock on jailbroken devices. The tool has been tested on more than 90 applications, which means it will certainly help you continue to use your favorite application.

If you did not know, jailbreak detection allows applications to understand whether jailbreak is installed on the device, and then block its work.

It is mainly used in bank applications, as well as in some games, so that users can not use cheats. Libertas will be able to circumvent this protection.

According to the developer, the tool will be released this Friday, but before that more information will become known about it.

If you can’t use any applications or games on your jailbreak device, this news should definitely make you happy.