Like a newspaper in Harry Potter: Xiaomi announced a printer for AR-photo Jiyin Gramophone Photo Printer

On its crowdfunding platform, Xiaomi Youpin has started collecting money for a new device – the Jiyin Gramophone Photo printer


Relive your shots

The special feature of the printer is that it can printAR photos. When printing, the device applies a special mark, after which the user can scan the image using a smartphone camera and watch a video with sound for 3-60 seconds. All data is saved in the cloud, so videos can be sent to other people via instant messengers.

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One 6-inch photo at 300dpithe gadget will print in about one minute. During printing, a coating is applied to protect against water splashes, fingerprints, fading and oxidation. The printer itself measures 205 x 124.6 x 85.4 mm and weighs 1.4 kg. One battery charge is enough to print 40 photos.

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The price of Jiyin Gramophone Photo Printer during crowdfunding is about $100.

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