Like three PUBG: gameplay of PlanetSide Arena - “battle royale” for 300 players

The wave of popularity of “battle royales” has already passed and even EA managed to release its “Fortnite killer”, having jumped

into the last carriage of the departing train. Still, Daybreak Game Company continues to run along the rails to catch up.

What is known

Back in 2018, the studio announced PlanetSideArena, which will lure players with large-scale battles for 300 people. Daybreak also promises to bring class skills, air transport and tactics. In the first gameplay video, the developers showed the “Squads” mode, in which fighters are divided into teams of 12 people.

The release of PlanetSide Arena is scheduled for September 19,but so far only in Early Access. Players will have access to the Squads mode, and future updates will add guilds, a Massacre mode for thousands of participants, and air transport.