Listed are the cases when the smartphone cannot be charged

The "Prime" edition has published a new material, in which the senior testing specialist

of digital products of Roskachestvo Sergey Kuzmenko listed cases when the smartphone cannot be charged.

So, according to the expert, to charge the smartphone whenswelling its battery - it is impossible. Among other things, it is worth refraining from charging even if the smartphone has spent some time under direct rays and warmed up. It is also not advised to charge the device if it is wet.

”If you find problems with charging your phone,for example, it stops charging or starts to discharge much faster than before, you should check the statistics of the phone's energy consumption in the settings. It is likely that it has become discharged faster because of some new application, and the battery has nothing to do with it, ”Kuzmenko shared his opinion.

It makes sense to limit the use of a non-original charger, in particular, an inexpensive Chinese counterfeit, as this can negatively affect the smartphone battery.